Scalable pricing for games of every size

Per Monthly Active user
First 100
$0.070 per MAU
$0.055 per MAU
NFT Mints
First 500
$0.030 per mint
$0.024 per mint
5% + USD $0.35
Credit Card Processing (paid by buyer)
Marketplace Fee (paid by buyer)
  1. Each unique user account that engages with a GameShift game generates one Monthly Active User (MAU) for that particular month. For details on which actions contribute to MAU calculation, refer to our documentation.
  2. Your usage volumes are determined by the total Monthly Active Users (MAU) or total minting activities across all games under your GameShift organization.

What’s included
Access a comprehensive suite of seamlessly integrated Web3 features, no blockchain expertise required. Streamline your journey — from wallet setup and payments to asset creation and marketplace integration — with just one seamless integration.
No seed-phrases. Zero passwords. Lower third party custody risk.
Zero gas fees for transactions
Free marketplace listings
Transfer assets for free
Game Assets
Mint NFTs to users in a single API
Built-in marketplace
Zero gas fees
Included file storage
Unlimited asset collections and templates
Seamless listing and purchase in USD
Zero gas fees
Credit card payments for easy purchasing
Specialized Payment Processing for Digital Assets and Gaming
Full chargeback guarantee
Accept payments in 170+ countries
Industry-leading acceptance rates

Customer Support
For all paid customers: Receive our Basic Support package, which includes access to documentation and web-based outage support.
Interested in professional or enterprise-level support? Reach out to us to explore our support packages that offer committed response times, dedicated communication channels, and Service Level Agreements (SLAs).